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Meet the Owner

My journey as a dog trainer began when I was volunteering with Cuse Pit Crew in 2014 as part of their shelter team in one of our local shelters. Part of our role was to help socialize the dogs and promote their adoption to the public. This is where I fell in love with Pitbull mix dogs! Their silly smiles, wiggly bodies, and zest for life put an instant smile on my face. My favorite shelter dog was a long-term Pitbull mix who displayed challenging behaviors.  I knew if I became a trainer, I could help him and so many other dogs and their owners.

I am still a volunteer with Cuse Pit Crew, but my role looks different these days. I provide training to dogs who may be at risk of being rehomed due to behavior challenges. I am also the Humane Education Coordinator. Our program educates school-aged children about compassion, empathy, and how to safely interact with dogs.

In 2017 Cuse Pit Crew partnered with Second Chance Canine Adoption and Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Center. We offer a one-of-a-kind program that enriches the lives of the Hillbrook Youth Residents and the shelter dogs who are in the care of Second Chance. My role is to teach the residents about proper dog ownership, dog body language, and how to safely interact with dogs. The best part of this program is bringing up a shelter dog for the residents to work with. I get to teach the residents how to train dogs using positive reinforcement and watch their confidence and relationships blossom! It’s truly priceless!

Christina Evans



I graduated from the Master Class Program in 2016 through CATCH, Canine Trainers Academy, where I am currently a mentor trainer. In 2017 I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). In 2022 I became an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (ACDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). In 2023 I became a Licensed Family Dog Mediator (LFDM-T).

 I regularly attend conferences, webinars, and training to stay up to date on the latest training techniques.  

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We believe our dogs are part of the family

I reside in Liverpool, NY alongside my loving husband Bobby, our two adorable children, Ava and Max, and our two beloved rescue dogs, Winston and Summer.


I strongly believe that our dogs are an integral part of our family, and their emotions and well-being should be valued, especially in a household with children. Having witnessed it myself, I understand that most children are eager to be involved in the training process.


One of the reasons I find working with families so fulfilling is that I can assist in distinguishing what is safe for children to handle and what should be left to the adults. In my opinion, training should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!


When our dogs willingly participate in training because they anticipate something positive, rather than trying to avoid negative consequences, the entire training journey becomes much more pleasant.

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