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Consultations are required before enrolling in premier packages or homeschool programs

Consultation Options


Initial Consultation

During our 90-minute consultation we will focus on your dog's behavior history, their genetics, who your dog is as an individual, and their enrichment schedule. We will create a customized program to set you and your dog up for success.



Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultations are required for any dog with a bite history, or dogs experiencing anxiety, aggression, reactive, or fearful behaviors. 

Behavior Consultations are 90-minutes long. We will go in-depth to understand your dog, their behaviors, and their triggers. You will get a custom management and training plan, as well as follow up training recommendations. 



Virtual Consultation

We will meet for 60-minutes via Zoom or Facetime evaluate your dog's problematic behavior. We will create a customized program to set you and your dog up for success.

This is a great option for a dog who struggles with new guests in the home, or for anyone outside of our service range. 


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