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To muzzle or not to muzzle? Which is the right choice for your dog?

This is a question I get asked quite often and it’s usually approached with some hesitancy. Most people think I would be anti-muzzle because there is a negative association or stigma with a dog in a muzzle. The truth is, I am pro-muzzle all the way!

Did you know if your dog is injured, it can increase the likelihood that you or someone gets bit if you have to move them? If you know your dog can wear a muzzle without adding stress to an already stressful situation that is a win for me! There are so many reasons why dogs may wear a muzzle. Here are just a few:

1. Your dog eats things that may be dangerous or unpleasant. Think glass, roadkill, feces, bones, or trash on the side of the road.

2. Your dog gets excited and uses its mouth inappropriately with humans or other dog friends.

3. Your dog is uncomfortable at the vet or groomers and the muzzle is an additional safety measure.

4. Your dog has bitten before, and they wear a muzzle instead of halting walks or not being able to go out in public.

Muzzles do not have to be seen as a bad thing. I believe every dog should know how to comfortably wear a basket muzzle (pictured below). Your dog can eat, drink, pant, bark, and enjoy life in its muzzle.

Do you want to know more about muzzle training or think you need help with your dog? Reach out, I’d love to help you!

Lumos is wearing his muzzle while exploring with his Mom and sister Fiddlehead!

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